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Let's me tell you about my dream game!

Inspired by the music and gameplay from the most influential games past, Friendship Adventure is a little bit of everything: Story driven RPG, Action Platformer, Point and Click Adventure, to name a few. If you've ever wanted to play Dragon Quest, Super Mario Bros. 3, Earthbound, and Balloon Fight all at the same time, you're gonna wanna play this! ;D

All of it is tied around the thing that ties everyone: Friendship! There's no evil, no enemies... Just you, your feelings, and everyone else!

What To Expect!

Play as one of five main characters and choose which friend will join you on your adventure!

gameboycamera character walking

Together you will explore many towns, cities, dungeons, and more as you grow as friends and learn about each other, all the while meeting some very interesting, strange characters that fit into
the story by the end. Help a subterranean people! Journey to the land of Submarines! Solve a small town mystery! Challenge the toughest gang in the city! Ride bikes with your friend!
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Grow personally by Encounters with strangers in Subconscious Mode where you deal with incoming feels like Anger, Confusion, and Attraction! Each character's subconscious plays differently, too, creatingunique gameplay for each of the five characters!

Transverse difficult environments in Action Side-Scrolling sequences, talk about your feelings during Travel Sequences, and take you time to investigate your surroundings in Interaction Sequences.

Overall, Friendship Adventure is not about violence, so it will be an interesting experience to see what an Action/Adventure/RPG without the usual game staples will be like! ;D

Follow progress on Friendship Adventure!

You can see progress on the game (screenshots, production art, videos, upcoming trailers, and demos) on Instagram @cardboardtown (#friendshipadventuergame) or at Jonnysmeby.tumblr.com!

No release date yet, but I hope you maintain excitement for this game and its eventual release!

- Jonny


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Looks interesting Jonny 😉

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What are you using to develop this classy looking title?


Some game maker called Clickteam Fusion 2. *handed bag of cash*

Excellent..... (Rubs hands together like Mr Burns)