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No Enemies, no Evil, just Friends...

In Friendship Adventure you'll follow and play the stories of five unique individuals... An adventurous teenage boy and his living vegetable friend, an aboriginal stickman and his optimistic and mysterious friend, and a self-concious yet determined young woman.

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Together you will explore many towns, cities, dungeons, and more as you grow as friends and learn about each other, all while meeting some very interesting, strange characters that fit into the story by the end. Help a subterranean people! Uncover the mysteries of strange visitors! Challenge the toughest gang in the city! Ride bikes with your friend!

Grow personally by Encounters with strangers in Subconscious Mode where you deal with incoming feels like Jealousy, Confusion, and Attraction! Only feelings are hurt, so you'll survive... Hopefully ;D

Transverse difficult environments in Action Side-Scrolling sequences, talk about your feelings during Travel Sequences, and take you time to investigate your surroundings in Interaction Sequences.

Overall, Friendship Adventure is not about violence, but rather focuses on the struggles of social interactions and the feelings we experience and battle!

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I absolutely love your game, it is so fresh and unique! I would only change the main character's movement speed so she could walk a little bit faster and make access to "look at", "touch" "talk to" and "move to" buttons a little bit easier. It would be great if you could select them with 1,2,3 and 4 on your keyboard.

I'm really glad you liked it! You may be pleased to know there is a good chance you missed a lot of secret things. Have fun looking for them ;D

Yep, the mysterious character told me at the end of the game that there are things I haven't discovered yet. I have to see them, since I love secrets! Good luck with the game development, it could be really something big. I'll let all my friends know about it!

Thank you! Please let me know if errors you find if you don't mind: Jonnycomics(at)gmail.com

So far I haven't seen anything suspicious, but I'll definitely let you know if I find any bugs or glitches :-)

Hi! Can I just contact you somehow? x)

Like email or something.

Yeah sure: Jonnycomics(at)gmail(dot)Com!

It's really good game! but im stuck on the festival, invisible walls  not allowed to pass

Invisible waĺls??!  Are you certain they're not entirely visible walls? You should send me a screenshot.