A downloadable game for Windows

Warning: This game includes some sequences of flashing colors.

In the Year X2000, scientists genetically
 engineer a creature named Flerppy for
 the sole purpose of being sent into the
 terribly dangerous and unpleasant world
 of internet forums for experiments. Poor
 Flerppy has no choice, being that genetic-
 ally engineered beings have virtually no rights
 in the future. So Flerppy must live his
 tragic life through one hideous experiment
 after the next... for the sake SCIENCE!

Teh Forum Game is a game made up of levels based entirely off of real internet forum threads. The idea was to see what it'd be like to play forum threads start to finish. Experimental!

 So to do it, project leader Jonny Smeby gathered other game designers to bring
 the idea to life. The result is a funny, bizarre collection of insane levels of all styles and types.


tfg_v1-2.zip 12 MB

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